Robot development and Artificial Intelligence

The Robotics and Society Group of the University of Salamanca (GROUSAL) started working in the early 90s. After two decades of work, we have enough baggage to be competent in distinct knowledge areas as is shown by our published results at several international meetings.

As our Department doesn't have large dimmensions, from the beginning we start working collaborating with several knowledge areas. This, far from being a problem, has allowed us to tackle the problems from several points of view.

Nowadays, GROUSAL developments are focused on:
As mentioned, we work in different knowledge areas:
GROUSAL consists of nine people, including five doctors. This provide GROUSAL an important research capability. The rest of the people is doing their doctoral thesis at different areas, being Robotics the common scope of their work. Students also make great contributions with their Final Degree Projects. The purpose of this web inteds to achieve the rest of the scientific community and for that we have this web. We want to hear your suggestions, to know about your contributions and to establish connections with similar groups.