Lines of work: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The Group of Robotics and Society of the University of Salamanca (GROUSAL) began its activity at the beginning of the 90's. After several decades of work, it has sufficient maturity and background to consolidate its areas of work and research, sustained by numerous results presented in international conferences, journals and projects with private companies.

Collaboration with different Knowledge Areas within our University and with other centres has allowed us to face multiple projects considering different points of view. Companies from sectors as diverse as: nuclear, agro-food, laser, security, medical, ..., have contributed to GROUSAL a know-how that is transferred to the students who have integrated the group, as is evident in successful cases such as MEGA Spain.

Nowadays, GROUSAL developments are focused on:
As mentioned, we work in different knowledge areas:
GROUSAL consists of diez people, including seven doctors. This provide GROUSAL an important research capability. The rest of the people is doing their doctoral thesis at different areas, being Robotics the common scope of their work. Students also make great contributions with their Final Degree Projects. The purpose of this web inteds to achieve the rest of the scientific community and for that we have this web. We want to hear your suggestions, to know about your contributions and to establish connections with similar groups.